Racism is a product of Darwinian teaching (evolution). If we want to see racism fully expunged from this country, then it starts with the education of our children.

Rather than tearing down statues, let’s put our efforts where it counts and work toward dismantling the false ideologies that have plagued our education system. Our youth are being brought up in evolutionary thought, secular humanism, the celebration of homosexuality, and the genocide of unborn children. How can we expect peace and unity when such monstrosities exist within our nation? Certainly this is not what is meant when the Scriptures say, “train up a child in the way he should go.”

It is time for America to repent and turn to the God with whom we have to do. We have offended His law in every way, yet expect His grace to fall upon our land? Give me a break. God is patient, but His patience will never supersede His perfect justice. There will come a day when either America will rid herself of her sin, or God will rid Himself of America.

I hope for the former, but am preparing for the latter.

Nevertheless, may the Lord’s will be done!