Christians, please stop trying to medicate sin types.

Issues of transgenderism, homosexuality, drunkenness, fornication, lying, blasphemy, injustice, corruption, and all the like, are fruit issues—not root issues. The root cause of sin is a rejection of the authority and supremacy of Christ over all things. The truth of God has been exchanged for a lie, and the result is a life of sin free from the ‘burden’ of conscience. This paves the way for all the aforementioned forms of sin to sprout in the lives of men and women.

Yes, call out the sin. Yes, present the science. Yes, incorporate logic. Yes, appeal to credible authorities. But never fail to address the worldview that leads to such forms of sin. Even the most eloquent rhetoric will not save a soul from hell. Only the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ has the power to free one from the bondage of sin and death.

When a tree is continually producing rotting, detestable fruit, the only remedy is to tear it up by the roots. Likewise, we must expose the foundation of sin and exalt the foundation of a Biblical worldview. People must see the glory of the risen Christ in order for their hearts to be changed.

Some of you are more concerned about being right and winning an argument than you are of being Biblical, seeing souls saved, and bringing glory to God. You may believe yourself to be doing the work of the kingdom, but at the end of the day you have only exalted the kingdom of self.

Study the Scriptures. Pray for the lost. Pray that you would be further conformed to the person of Christ. God has outlined the method. Stop trying to make revisions, and get with the program. There is much work to be done!