The 21st Century Puritan

Ancient Truths Ever New



In Jeremiah 6:16 the Lord instructs us to ‘ask for the old paths’, and to ‘walk therein’. The reason is so that we may find ‘rest for our souls’.

These ‘old paths’ of faith have been well traveled and imprinted with the footsteps of AbrahamIsaacJacobthe prophets and apostles, and even our Lord Jesus Himself. It is also down these paths that saints of all ages have tread; leaving behind the ways of this world and following the narrow road that leads to life everlasting.

As we ponder our own steps, it is important that we not forget men and women of old, who, like ourselves, sought out that great celestial kingdom with much travail. Let us learn from them and find great encouragement in the consolation that they left behind.

Whether through careful examination of specific Biblical topics, or reviewing the works of the men of God throughout the ages; it is our great duty to travel these old paths and discover the golden nuggets scattered throughout their trails!

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