Reading has always been a great comfort to me. Since being born again, my library has transformed from a child’s toy box of nursery rhymes and fictional explorations, into a treasure chest of golden, Biblical truths.
One thing I have experienced in all of my learning is that without a true love for God that manifests itself in genuine affection and service to others, my learning is done in vain. I can tread through the deep waters of rich, theological writings all day, but without love I am nothing. I accomplish nothing. (1 Cor. 13:1-3).

Our goal in continual education is to take the truths that we have learned and bring them to fruition through a proper application of their principles.
This is essential in our knowledge of the things of the Spirit. But knowledge can be dangerous, and the sobering reality is that we will be held accountable for the truths that we have come to know. The Bible tells us that those who have learned the truths of Scripture and later have fallen away, that it would have been better if they never would have known (2 Peter 2:21). Knowledge will either lighten our path, or it will put a snare beneath our feet.

With this in mind, our knowledge of God should be transformative, not stagnant. Refreshing, not quenching. Abundant, not empty.

The point of all learning is that it lead us into a clearer view of who God is, and, in turn, a deeper love and longing for His presence in all our affairs. It is from this brook that our service to man flows out most purely.

When our affections are set in heavenly places, our hands will be busy with heavenly labor.