Fellow parents:

Train up your children! You have been fed the lie that the government knows what is best for your child. That the government has their best interests in mind. That the government is the only agency capable of molding them into productive and responsible members of society.
• Albeit this is the same government that slanders the name of Christ openly and without reservation.
• The same government that applauds the murder of the unborn.
• The same government that turns a blind eye to the treachery of child trafficking.
• The same government that would rather have your child on psychotropic drugs than allow them to express their God-given individuality.
• The same government that seeks to normalize the unnatural inclination of homosexuality and transgenderism.
• The same government that celebrates pornography, promiscuity, divorce, vulgarity, and domestic violence for “entertainment” purposes.
• The same government that teaches children how to answer questions on a standardized test, rather than think critically.
• The same government that alters history to fit a specific narrative.
• The same government that all but criminalizes the natural expression of Biblical manhood and takes from women their God-given identities.
• The same government that propagates lies through the media and spins a web of deceit for the masses.
• The same government that hates the family, hates Christ, and hates a Biblical worldview.

Did I miss anything?
If you continue to send your children to Caesar for their education, then don’t be surprised when they come home as little Romans.
It is time that we, as parents, take back our God-given responsibility to shepherd the hearts of our children. To raise them up in the fear and admonition of the Lord. To teach them a Biblical, Christ-centered worldview. To teach them to love their neighbor, stand up for the oppressed, and pray for their enemies.
Undoubtedly, we will all fail at times. We are flawed human beings in need of much grace. Lord knows that I still have much growing to do. Still, this does not change our mission. God did not choose “perfect” people to raise our children– He chose us.
If we do not teach our children these things, then the world will teach them the exact opposite. Take a look around you and this is not hard to see.
If you want to see change, then it starts within your own four walls. Your home is the training ground where the next generation is being prepared.
How are you preparing them?