John 18:12-27- Jesus Questioned by Annas

Explanation- Christ has officially been delivered into the hands of wicked men. All that which He foretold His disciples is coming to pass and Peter and another disciple (presumably John, this Gospel’s writer) are the only ones there to witness these beginning events. This unnamed disciple had some unexplained connection to the high priest which allowed him a closer view of what was happening to Jesus. After speaking to a servant girl, the unnamed disciple is able to get Peter inside. This well-meaning intention could have very well been more so to Peter’s detriment, rather than for good. If Peter would have just turned away and left he would have not had to face the disgrace that was surely to come. But because Christ’s words must come to pass, Peter is invited in and provoked by those within this place. The three denials are recorded here in different manner or from a different perspective than the other Gospel accounts, but the end result is still the same. Peter denies having any acquaintance with Jesus and the rooster gives his crow.

While this is happening, Jesus is having His first round of questioning with Annas. During this time Christ comments on the secrecy that they are performing as opposed to His own teachings which were public and made known to all. This is a time-tested truth that those who work deceitfully do so under the cloak of secrecy. There was nothing righteous or noble about what these men were doing. This was a kidnapping and interrogation performed in the middle of the night with no just cause. It is at this point that Annas sends Jesus to Caiaphas the high priest.

Application- As stated above, the works of darkness always act under a cloak of secrecy. In contrast, we, who are children of the light, should be blameless and above reproach. We are to live holy lives that bring no unnecessary reproach to the name of Christ and live with uprightness and integrity. This is not to say that we will never stumble in our walk with Christ, but even our stumbling can be used for God’s glory when it is meant with godly sorrow and repentance. Jesus said that there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. In light of this let us be mindful that no matter where we are, whether in public or private, our lives always have an audience. We exist in the presence of God and He is mindful of all of our dealings. Sooner or later our private sins will become public if they are not dealt with. If we are to walk in the light, then we must keep this truth in mind.