John 7:25-39- If Anyone Thirsts

Explanation- Once again the Jews speak foolishly and display their lack of knowledge of God. They say that they know where Jesus had come from and use this to ‘prove’ that He is not the Christ. They are referring to the town of Nazareth where our Lord grew up, but they were ignorant to the fact that Christ was not born in Nazareth, but in Bethlehem and was a member (in terms of flesh) of the tribe of Judah. They claimed that no one would know where Messiah would come from despite the well-known prophecy found in Micah 5:2 identifying the birthplace of Messiah. Jesus fulfilled this prophecy completely!

When the commotion surrounding Christ became too offensive to the Jews, they sought to arrest Him. But because His time had not yet come, Christ was supernaturally able to evade their capture. This is astonishing! The times and purposes are fixed in place and there is no one thing that can happen before its time! Christ says Himself that He will be with the people only a little longer and then He will go to the Father. Obviously this refers to when He will be crucified and resurrected. Yet these times are fixed and now is not the time for Him to be taken.

Verses 37-39 are those, ‘which deserve to be printed in letters of gold.’[1] It is here that the Gospel is presented as the free gift for all men. ‘If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink’. These are the words that Christ offers to the masses. Those who would come, let them come. The Gospel is the good news for all of mankind. The choice in words here is also particularly interesting. During this particular feast it was a custom of the Jews to draw water from the pool of Siloam and bring it to the temple. It very well could have been that Christ was watching these many men bring their jars of water to the temple when He spoke these words. It is He who grants men living water and provides eternal security and salvation to those who will draw from His well. He even speaks of the coming of the Holy Spirit who would remain active in His peoples lives after He ascended to heaven.

Application- When we consider the living water that Christ has offered, let us remember the call to come and draw. We were once dead and in absolute need of a Savior. We could not even produce the beginning of good that was needed to satisfy the law’s demands. We were lost and without hope. It is in this dreadful place that Christ comes to us. He offers life, and He offers it abundantly. He gave the fountains of living water freely and has given us a new hope and purpose. No longer are we without consolation in our misery, but He has given us all things. His compassion never fails, and His mercies are continually new. The water that He has given truly is such that we never will have thirst again!

[1] Ryle, J. C. Expository Thoughts on John (volume 2). Place of Publication Not Identified: Banner of Truth Trust, 2012, 29.