John 6:22-40- The Bread of Life

Explanation- We see from the onset of this section the way in which the peoples sought out Christ. Unfortunately, as we know, many of these followed Christ on account of the miracles that He would perform, rather than because of who He was in His nature. This becomes even clearer once the people find Jesus again and begin to dialogue with Him. Jesus understands that they are seeking Him out on account of the miracle that He had recently performed. In a very real way the people were using Christ to fulfill their carnal desires. This is tragic! When Christ speaks to them about striving for the food that endures to eternal life they seem to be inquisitive as to what this means, but as Jesus explains to them that it is through belief in Him who God has sent, they immediately want a sign. They seek to justify themselves for seeking this sign by referencing the manna given in Moses’ day. Christ, in His infinite genius, uses this to testify of Himself. Those who were in the wilderness were given bread by Moses’ hand, but by the very hand of God and gives light to the world. In this sense the manna of the wilderness is a typological arrow pointing to Christ’s coming down as the Bread of Life from God who gives life to all who believe!

From here Christ clearly places His purpose on display. He is the Bread of Life and all who believe on Him will never huger again. This is not merely a physical hunger, but refers to the spiritual nourishment that He Himself will be for His people. What is heartbreaking in this account is that the people have seen these miracles and heard of Christ’s Godhood, yet they do not believe. This only goes to show that God’s divine election stands true. Those who are granted the eyes of faith will indeed eat of the Bread of Life and find everlasting spiritual nourishment. But those who are not granted this gift will in turn receive everlasting judgement. Christ has come to do the will of His Father. He has come to save men’s souls, and one day all who believe will be raised from the dead unto eternal life to be with Him forevermore!

Application- It is a tragedy that many men come to Christ hoping to see His miracles rather than His glory. We want Christ to feed us, clothe us, and give health and a good life, but simply standing in awe of His glory and grace is something that seems to be less desired in our modern culture. Is not the body more than food and clothes? These should be secondary concerns. The first and primary business of every Christian should be to seek first the kingdom. The rest that comes along with that style of life is a bonus, but not a necessity. With that, let us hold the person and work of Christ in high regard. Let us adore Him and, like Moses, let us not rest content until we behold His glory. He is worthy whether He provides another earthly blessing to us ever again. The gift that He gives is Himself. We will spend an eternity living in the light of His glorious presence! Let us begin this pursuit of His glory here and now, despite what earthly materials and signs we receive along the way.