John 2:1-11- A Wedding Fit for a King

Explanation- Nothing that Christ did in his earthly ministry was without purpose. In verses 1-11 we find our Lord a guest at a wedding in Cana. We are not informed who exactly the bride and groom of this wedding are, but it is safe to say that they were of some acquaintance to Mary. Thus, as the son of Mary, Jesus and His disciples are invited to the wedding possibly as Mary’s guests. There is reason to believe that this was the only wedding that Christ attended during His earthly ministry and that the next wedding He is to attend will be His own when He returns to take home His bride (the church). As J.C. Ryle mentions, Christ’s attendance at this wedding may be a sign of the reverence that he held in regards to marriage.[1] Marriage is an established union of God whereby two become one flesh. This points to the ultimate relationship that Christ died to secure with His people. We are considered members of His body and His beloved bride whom He bled and died for.

Although this was Jesus’ first miracle of His public ministry, it is almost as if this was a miracle performed out of season, so to say. Christ’s response to Mary, ‘Woman, what does this have to do with me? My hour has not yet come.’ (v. 4), seems to hint at this point. Although Christ knew beforehand that this miracle must needs take place, it may have been that He was not yet ready to make Himself fully known at this time. I would also say that this is a reminder that God’s miraculous workings are not to be called upon like some workings of a genie. ‘Ask and you shall receive’ only goes as far as when our asking lines up with God’s willing.

I would also like to comment on the efficacy of this miracle performed in Cana. Despite its’ simplicity, let us not neglect its’ magnitude. Jesus did not have to utter a word for this water to be turned; it was enough that He willed it to be so! Such is the power of God. In this, as verse 11 says, Christ’s glory was manifested. Let us not forget that this turning of water to wine is the same creative power that, in the beginning, turned darkness into light and nothing into everything. Although this may seem like one of Christ’s most insignificant miracle, it still displays His glory in a powerful way.

Application- As we look to the acts first performed by Christ during His earthly ministry, let us remember that He is still in the business of performing miracles. Every time that a sinner comes to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, there is the equivalency of power at work as when God spoke the universe into existence. To bring a man from death to life; to make a son out of an enemy; to make a rebel into a loyal servant. This is the miraculous work of our great God. Let us not then despise the day of small things. For what may seem small and insignificant to our untrained eyes could in fact be the glory of God manifesting itself before us. To be every aware of His presence and workings is the great goal and duty of every Christian!

[1] Ryle, J. C. Expository Thoughts on John (volume 1). Place of Publication Not Identified: Banner of Truth Trust, 2012, 63.